Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Im going to share some basic and simple keyboard shortcuts for new released Operating System of Microsoft - Windows 8! These shortcuts will help you work faster and quicker in the new released OS. Try it out to familiarize.

Windows key + X - open the power user menu
Windows key + . - to pin and unpin Windows applications on side of the screen
Windows key + D - go directly to desktop
Windows key + C - open charms
Windows key + I - open charms settings
Windows key + Tab - to navigate in the open tabs
Windows key + Print screen - creates screenshot and will automatically saves to My Pictures folder.

That's it. You can share more in the comment part of this post (below) if you have a new discovery. :)


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1. Windows Key + Q: Brings up the apps search menu that permits you to look your list of installed programs.

2. Windows Key + H: Brings up Share menu for the current app. For instance, hitting Windows Key + H in Bing Maps, allows you email or share map information on social networks.

3. Windows Key + M: Unlocks desktop mode and curtails all windows.

4. Windows Key + W: Unties universal search menu and sets it to search settings.

5. Windows Key + F: Opens universal search menu and sets it to search files.

6. Windows Key + R: Opens Run menu where you can launch programs by typing in their executable file names.

7. Windows Key + E: Opens File Explorer to the “My Computer” view which shows all your drives.

8. Windows Key +Number Key (1-9): Switch to desktop mode and make the Nth application on the task bar active where N is the number key you hit and 1 is the furthest taskbar icon to the left.

9. Windows Key + . (period key): Harbors the current Windows 8-style application to the right or left, on the basis of on how many times you hit it.

10. Windows Key + Z: Brings up app menu, which displays contextual options for the active app.

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