How to Resolve 'Cannot reboot windows, use a system disk to recover'

Thursday, January 24, 2013

This error that you will encounter when turning on your desktop is one of the common computer problems. This will really scratch your head especially if you need to get some files in your computer that you badly needed right away.

The real scenario is that it will have a black screen and an error saying, 'Cannot reboot windows, use a system disk to recover'. Then, you will try to push the reset/power button as an initial troubleshooting but still the problem persists. The common cause of the issue is that maybe the computer might have experienced a physical shock(push,shake,kick, etc.)

Now, you have nothing to worry and no need to go to any computer shop and let it diagnose by a computer expert, then paying dollars for it. Follow the steps that I will share to you. This was based on my experience. I assume that it will work as well in your case.

1. Open the CPU Rack/Case (Be sure that the computer is completely shutdown and power is removed from an outlet or Voltage Regulator)
2. Locate a cell in the shape of a circle (a bigger version of wrist watch battery) on the motherboard. This cell is known as CMOS battery.
3. Try to remove the battery or cell.
4. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
5. Put back the battery and cell.
6. Now, try to restart your PC.
7. Then press F2 button(load default values and continue)

If the above steps didn't work, after removing the battery in step 3, try to check loose cable especially in the hard disk drive side going to the mother board. In addition, try to reseat the RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is like a chocolate bar shape incase you can't locate it.
That's it!


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